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Neck wrinkles correction

Even young people can develop neck wrinkles because skin on this part of the body is very sensitive. This is why the neck should be cared for with the same attentiveness as the face. Unfortunately, even the most effective care cannot prevent the occurrence of wrinkles in this area. Head movements, long hours of work in the same body position or the inevitable aging of tissues will cause wrinkles to show up in time.

There are many wrinkle-eradicating treatments. The leading edge PLASMAGE system, one of the most patient-friendly solutions known to the esthetic medicine, relying on plasma, called the 4th state of aggregation of matter, is the most innovative and effective one. The system can reduce wrinkles, mainly around the eyes but also on the neck. The surface of the neck is larger, so the treatment protocol differs from the one applied to the face.

The system generates RF current that is applied to the target skin area with electrodes. The electric arc (plasma) forming between the electrodes punctures skin and evaporates cells located in epidermis. The arc acts strictly pointwise: the surrounding tissues and deeper skin layers remain intact. The treatment is recommended particularly to those patients who may not have their body penetrated by electric current.

The session is short and provides good results as a means for “bridging” wrinkles, getting rid of excess skin and elasticize the neck. Also the overall condition of skin improves after the treatment.

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