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Psycho-nutrition is a young field, which was created as answer for huge problems connected with escalated scale of obesity all over the world – last 40 years the frequency of obesity occurrence increased almost triple. 2016 WHO report shows almost 2 billion people over 18 had surplus of weight, and 650 million had obesity, in this group. While in Poland, according the mentioned report, 64 percent of men and 49 percent od women suffer from overweight. Unfortunately this trend will escalate and we can talk here about obesity epidemic.

In many cases, help in changing dietary habits, needs something more complex than writing on proper diet. Some of patients easily are able to realize their goal and reduce weight, whereas the others give up after a few days of diet and somebody reduce and fatten round and round. This is why distinct field was created – psycho-nutrition, combining knowledge on nutrition and psychology. There are important not only diet changes but also balance in other life areas and patient functioning.


Psycho-nutrition specialist support is for persons, who have not only problem with walking off unwonted kilograms, but everybody, who want to eat healthier. Psycho-nutrition specialist is perfect solution for persons, who have problem with self-acceptation or tried reduce many times without results. Psycho-nutrition specialist will show to patient, mechanisms which regulate his organism, to let him know, how to react for particular signals. Also he will support in nutrition habits change.

When it is worth to consult with psycho-nutrition specialist?

  • when you suffer from too many kilograms or underweight,
  • when you can’t accept your figure, even if the weight is right,
  • when you tired many diets and other reducing methods without results,
  • when you want to change your nutrition habits for healthier
  • when you decided to change nutrition way, but you miss support and motivation,
  • when you suffer from nutrition disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia or compulsive eating,
  • when you „tuck away” your problems, stress or emotions.


If one of the above mentioned problems refers to you, it is worth to consider consultation with psycho-nutrition specialist. In our Clinic, Dorota Świątkowska is the expert of nutrition and clinic dietary. She advises on nutrition both for adults and children.  She also helps persons, who have problems with proper nutrition.  

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