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Insulin resistance dietary treatment

Insulin resistance, that is decreased organism sensitivity for insulin acting is disorder, which is more and more frequent problem in society. Untreated, can cause II type diabetes and many other diseases development.


Insulin, that is hormone produced by pancreas, is responsible for regulating of glucose level in blood. In case of insulin resistance, tissues sensitivity is decreased, even if hormone’s concentration is right. Genetic factors play big role, but overweight, wrong diet and low physical activity, also can contribute in disease occurrence. It refers to both women and men. First symptoms are exhaustion and sleepiness, problems with concentration occur. Persons afflicted with insulin resistance have bigger appetite and continuous will to eat something, which results with overweight or even obesity. One should remember, that not all persons have such symptoms. Insulin resistance often runs not noticed and doesn’t make its presence felt or gives only single signals. Only the doctor, who orders proper tests, is able to diagnose this disease.


Beside pharma-therapy, there is extremely important to introduce properly balanced diet. Delivering to organism  proper elements together with diet, can significantly support improvement of tissues sensitivity to insulin acting. If your diet wasn’t too healthy so far, you have a lot of work to do. To make easier process of nutrition habits change, it is worth to visit psycho-nutrition specialist. This is professional, who not only prepare the diet, but also share with you the mechanisms, which occur in organism, to teach patient reaction to disturbing signals. She also will support patient in past nutrition style changing and  motivate him.


In Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, patients get individual nutrition plans tailored to current problem and healthy state. Patients with overweight get reduction diet. Already a few kilograms decrease is able to improve tissues sensitivity to insulin. Healthy lifestyle and proper diet conduces to insulin resistance treatment, and also its prevention.


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