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Mesotherapy is one of the most popular and safest techniques of rejuvenating skin on the face, head and the rest of the body. It can inhibit alopecia by moisturizing, regenerating, revitalizing and simulating hair follicles. Also, this is a recognized and efficient procedure used for other indications, such as treatment of cellulite or pain. The method consists of injection of therapeutic substances with a thin needle. It is also used for treating skin with platelet-rich plasma.

Recommended preparations with proven efficacy:


Neauvia Hydro Deluxe is an ideally formulated therapy that works in three dimensions: moisturizing, recovery of collagen and elastin, and firming up skin for excellent and long-term result. Noncross-linked hyaluronic acid applied at a concentration of up to 18 mg/ml provides the most effective moisturizing effect. Calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates natural production of collagen and elastin so skin becomes radiant, firm and elastic. And the addition of two aminoacids, glycin and L-proline, fixes and supports the unique collagen mesh, ensuring preservation of a beautiful face oval.

SUNEKOS for skin biogenesis

Sunekos is a unique patented combination of hyaluronic acid with aminoacids (PCT/IB2015), which stimulates regeneration of the extracellular matrix (ECM). The therapy is multi-directional and provides for moisturizing of both superficial and deep layers of skin, a very natural volume-building effect and the smoothening of facial wrinkles. The areas of injection include the neck, neckline, palms, arms, inner side of the thigh, and the back of the knee. Because of its perfect purity and mildness the substance can be applied anywhere, even on the eyelids, a very problematic area, for elimination of shadow. We offer two lines of the product: Sunekos 200 (for younger patients with less visible wrinkles) and Sunekos 1200 (for patients with more prominent symptoms of skin aging). In some cases we combine various procedures.


Linerase is the only commercially available atelocollagen of type I for injection, intended for the most sensitive areas of body including face. Atelocollagen linerase stimulates production of new fibroblasts and, further of collagen type III, and, thus, contributes to skin condition improvement and rejuvenation. This bioactive preparation is used to regenerate and recover skin, reduce limpness, restore firmness and elasticity, and smoothen wrinkles. It does not cause any side effects or allergic reactions. The application procedure is low-invasive so there is no need for a long period of convalescence.

Linerase can be applied preventively starting from the age of 25 for inhibition of the aging through maintenance of a sufficient natural production of collagen. Linerase regenerates, and restores the natural beauty of, skin on the face, neck, neckline, palm and other parts of the body by re-building the connective tissue. It works perfectly in reduction of stretch marks, pocks and atrophic scars.


Aquashine BTX is a new generation product: multi-dimensional and multi-functional. The well-designed balancing of the skin lifting and muscle relaxing activity provides a multi-level and selective anti-aging effect in all morpho-functional layers of skin and surrounding tissues. The procedure enables gentle and selective correction of all issues at the same time. The new formula of Aquashine BTX makes it more physiological and more effective: we are able to control all anabolic and catabolic processes taking place in skin.


  • Anti-aging therapy and inhibition of involutional (retrograde and atrophic) changes in skin
  • Pockmarks and cavity scars
  • Prolongation of activity of botox and muscle relaxation in patients with botox resistance
  • Skin brightening and prevention of hyperpigmentation

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