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Lower limbs venulomalformation treatment (blue spiders)

Enlarged and breaking blood vessels in lower limbs can take the form of the “spider web” of thin red or blue strands. There are many causes to the problem. The typical one includes blood circulation dysfunction. These flaws are corrected mainly for aesthetic reasons because their presence can be confounding.

The laser-induced closure of vessels in legs is a very popular aesthetic treatment because it is low-invasive and highly effective. The device used for this purpose, V-LASER, reaches enlarged vessels and heats them up rapidly, causing collapse of their lumen.

The treatment is painless, but those more sensitive or suffering from more extensive lesions can feel burning or slight smarting. Depending on the number of vessels, more than one procedure can be required for total eradication of imperfections.

It is important to avoid sunbathing and photo-sensitizing medication before the procedure. Also depilation should be discontinued at least 2 weeks before the scheduled session.

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