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Face ultrasound course in aesthetic medicine



Individual courses
Detailed description Detailed description

Individual courses


Course dates are adjusted individually by calling 517 535 878. Feel free to contact us.

Pioneering trainings increasing the safety of procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine FACIAL ULTRASOUND 1:1

In response to the huge interest in the current group training in the field of facial ultrasound, we are expanding our offer with one-day, individual training at the Dr Pard Clinic.

The training program includes theoretical knowledge base from anatomy in the ultrasound image, through filler imaging, vessel mapping and complications in the ultrasound image along with simultaneous hands-on training on patients. The course program also includes an introduction to ultrasound-guided injection on phantoms.

Work on mobile ultrasound heads with high frequencies dedicated to aesthetic medicine clinics.

The summary of the course includes a business module for the implementation of a new solution in your own clinics.


Program Program
1. Principles of the ultrasound image
2. Anatomy of individual facial layers in an ultrasound image
3. Fillers in the ultrasound image
4. Learning injections under ultrasound control on phantoms
5. Learning to inject fillers under ultrasound control on patients
6. Patient consultations and treatment of complications (ultrasound-guided administration of hyaluronidase)


Group courses


We invite specialists to the innovative facial ultrasound courses in Aesthetic Medicine organized by the Beautydoc Academy. During the classes our trainers Dr Barbara Parda and Dr Rosa Sigrist, a radiologist / ultrasound expert from Sao Paulo, share their knowledge and experience in performing ultrasound-guided procedures.

Dr. Parda is a long-term practitioner of aesthetic medicine, who gained her experience in the field of facial ultrasound from world pioneers: Leoni Schelke, Stella Desyatnikova and Peter Velthuis. Doctor Parda is CutaneoUS certified.

Dr Rosa Sigrist is a certified radiologist, who has been specializing in ultrasound in the field of aesthetic dermatology for many years. On a daily basis, she works in the Ultrasound Department and in the Institute of Radiology at the Medical University of Sao Paulo. She conducts research, publishes, and is a leading lecturer at world medical congresses. Privately, a charming, empathetic, beautiful woman, mother of 2 beautiful daughters. She is a founder of her own brand - ULTRASSONANDO.

The tremendous success of the first editions of the course has borned fruit into the continuous development of the program, including reports at scientific conferences on the importance of using ultrasound in mapping facial tissues and vessels in the prevention of postoperative complications.

Facial ultrasound has become available thanks to the appearance of high-frequency mobile ultrasound heads on the global market. Mapping the vessels before the procedure allows you to optimally plan the procedure, which significantly affects its quality and safety. Additionally, in the event of a risk of a vascular or other complication, it facilitates proper management.

Face ultrasound courses in Aesthetic Medicine are addressed to all doctors practicing aesthetic medicine. There are two leves - basic and advanced, carried out in small, practical groups.

The dates of the courses are published on a regular basis.

More information can be found on our social media @ and @YoungBeautyManager.
Contact us today and see the possibilities of performing an ultrasound of the face in Aesthetic Medicine.



Program Basic Program
1. Principles of the ultrasound image
2. Anatomy of individual facial layers in an ultrasound image
3. Fillers in the ultrasound image
4. Learning injections under ultrasound control on phantoms
Program Advanced Program
1. Complications in the ultrasound image, analysis of clinical casesh
2. Face mapping and vascular mapping in an ultrasound image
3. Administration of fillers and hyaluronidase under ultrasound guidance in patients with and without complications

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