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Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is unique place, created for patients looking for top level aesthetic medicine procedures.

From our Team of many years experienced experts, patients can expect professional advice, individual treatment and the highest safety standards. 

We are up to date with modern trends in aesthetic medicine, so that our offer comprises only safe and efficient procedures. 

Our work is a passion, which we want to share with patients, making their dreams on young and natural look come true.


Our specialists

Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska
Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska
Aesthetic medicine
Dorota Świątkowska - Psychodietician, qualified specialist in the field of nutrition and clinical dietetics, employee of the Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
Dorota Świątkowska
Dr. Robert Bartkowiak, MD - graduate of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw, employee of the Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
MD Robert Bartkowiak
mgr Wiktoria Włodarska
Dr Dorota Szostek

I have graduated from Postgraduate School of Aesthetical Medicine PTL. I am the member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). I have graduated from Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1990.

For many years I have specialised in aesthetic medicine, antiaging and regenerating procedures. I have continued to broad my professional knowledge in established training centres, under supervision of world experts in aesthetical medicine and dermatology. I have been attending European and World Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dermatology to keep up to date with most recent treatment methods. I speak fluent English.

You are welcome to visit us, to agree on programme of your personal aesthetic treatments, potentially supplemented with antiaging treatment. I offer wide range of procedures from classical prevention against wrinkles, via various methods of biostimulation of face and body skin, volumetric and volumatic procedures and lifting treatments.

Dorota Świątkowska is psycho-dietitian, qualified specialist in the area of food science and clinic nutrition. She graduated from Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumption at Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW and postgraduated studies in Food & Nutrition Institute on dietary advisory field of study.  She has over 17 years’ experience with patients in clinic hospital and dietary and medical clinics. She conducts lectures on nutrition, is the author of many handbooks and articles on healthy nutrition. She gives nutrition advices to children and adults, prepares individual bills of fare adjusted to one’s disease entity and preferences, lifestyle, work and activity.

Robert Bartkowiak, MD graduated from the Ist Faculty of Medicine at Warsaw Medical University (1993). Next years brought him specializations of I and II stage in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In 1998 he explored ultrasonography area in  gynecology and obstetrics. In 2004 he gained the title of Medical Doctor. He started his professional career in the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Warsaw Medical University. He participated in number of trainings in his therapeutical area, both country and abroad, in King’s College in London among others. He was trained by prof. K. Nicolaides in the techniques of prenatal diagnostic. He has got certificates from Warsaw trainings in the area of modern gynecology in 2014 – Implanon NXT and Mona Lisa Touch laser device. He is publishing in medical magazines and running science projects.

Recommendations of people who visited Dr. Parda's clinic

Olga Falczyńska, businesswoman

Here, in this Clinic, for the first time I had oxygenic infusion procedure and I was really satisfied. It oxidates and moisturizes skin well on cells level, improves skin structure, tension and resilience. Such results I expected. I have full confidence in doctor Barbara Parda-Głomska and if she recommends me the method, I just use it. After three years of the Clinic, my skin is tensed and refreshed. It looks well-rested. My family and environment perceives me as a happy and life-satisfied person. 

Monika Orzechowska

Dr Barbara Parda -Głomska is unique doctor - she combines the specialization of aesthetic medicine and psychiatry. Many years of medicine and life experiences connected with interesting personality, warmth and focus on patient, make me feel safe and comfortable. I like her holistic approach - she looks not only for body but also soul. She doesn't correct beauty only for patient better humour for the moment, but she seeks the reasons of bad mood deeper, if it is not in body but in someone's head. Patient first, high ethic standards, modern methods, technologies and procedures, spectacular effects - it all gives me huge satisfaction of my choice and I higly recommend visit in Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic near Warsaw.


MD, Magdalena Łopuszyńska

Dr Basia Parda is trustworthy doctor - aesthetic medicine is her passion, she regularly develops her skills through participation in trainings and conferences, both in Poland and abroad. Her virtue is unusual precicion, serenity and complex approach to patient's problems, because she pays attention not only on aesthetic aspects but also his mental state, as her specialization is psychiatry. What is distinctive for Basia, it is care of natural effects on patient face and look, which she gave voice to in social campaign "Aesthetic Medicine caring of natural look". You can trust her.  

Łaura Łącz

It was great pleasure to visit Dr Parda's Clinic. This is beautiful, discrete place in elegant, magic house with a garden. First of all, Dr Parda talked to me for a long, she gave me a lot of time, explained many things and advised me concrete procedures carefully selected to my "tough" face. 

I'm renowned for not being satisfied of procedures and I avoid any corrections. I've noticed that in my case, often it comes worse after than before. This time I was treated with great sense and everything is perfect. 

Dr Barbara Parda has something at her command, which is usually not so obvious in similar places, to wit, unique talent, proper education and experience. Many times I saw my colleagues with bad results of expensive procedures, this is why, with full confidence, I recommend all of women, this professional Clinic and charming Dr Parda!

Aldona Laczycka

I've been Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska's patient for five yeras. Before I visited two other doctors, but I wasn't satisfied. The day, I sat down in Dr Barbara's chair, it turned out that the procedures could be nice and next day you could go to work and nobody would notice "medical intervension" on our face. I have a jollies when friends tell me: "How do you do this, you look great - you don't get older at all!" - such an opinion is the best recommendation. Everybody can treat oneself to this luxury - you need only go to medical consultation to Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska and the procedure will be selected respectevely to look, expectations and wallet. 

If you see wrinkles in the mirror, you couldn't find better!!!


Aleksandra Iwińska

I'm in age when skin should be treated radically. When Dr Parda introduced eCO2 fractional laser two years ago, we did first procedure on cleavage. I was very satisfied with the result. Then I decided on face rejuvenation. First effect after short time was fadeaway of awful scar between neck and ear, which spoiled my mood. I was really happy with this. My skin in valleculas on cheeks became smooth, firmed up and deep wrinkles reduced.

After laser, my face oval improved. I'm very satisfied and plan further sessions. Changes in my look were noticed by my younger colleagues, who also started to use this treatement. My sister from Australia  regrets she can't visit Dr Parda's Clinic, because she comes to Poland rarely. Having laser therapy there, she sees worse effects, in spite of higher costs. In Poland, we have fantastic aesthetic medicine experts, recognized in other countries and Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska for sure belongs to this group. Everybody, who wants to rejuvenate, can see for himself.

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