How to enhance the natural beauty of the face?

Appropriately accentuated cheekbones and the jaw can enhance the natural beauty of the face, giving it clear contours that significantly slim it and give it a harmonious shape. Do you look at your ref(...)

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How to take care of sensitive areas such as the eyes or mouth?

Sensitive areas of the body, where your skin is much thinner, are often more exposed to harmful external factors and to damaging effects of age. That’s why shadows under the eyes, where the volu(...)

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Genesis laser for male skin/lip imperfections!

Facial flaccidity, wrinkles, or even lip discoloration caused by dryness - all these dermatological conditions can be completely eliminated or at least reduced with the all-year Genesis laser treatmen(...)

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Get rid of your male self-esteem issues

Balding can be a source of serious issues, particularly among young males with genetic background. First there is a serious hair loss, thinning, and a receding hairline, with the receding process beco(...)

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Male body under scrutiny - what is HOT, what is NOT!

Many men dream of a slim, sporty figure. However, diet and exercise would not always give satisfactory results; this is where aesthetic medicine and Dr Parda come to rescue! Body sculpting procedures(...)

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How to keep the youth pyramid longer?

The jawline, particularly in men, can be perceived as the foundation of the whole face, on the basis of which we assess a person’s age at first sight. The so-called youth triangle is typical of(...)

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TOP procedures for men

Nowadays, aesthetic medicine procedures are not only targeted at women, but also men, who tend to be more and more interested about their appearance and well-being. There are a lot of treatments avail(...)

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How to make your belly look better after pregnancy?

Every mom experiences the process of skin stretching around the abdomen during pregnancy. It is extremely important to provide proper hydration during that period, to reduce the probability of stretch(...)

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Vampire Facial - the new dimension of anti-age treatments

Every mum dreams of looking young with her children. Especially during the first months of a baby’s life, new mums may feel tired because of sleep deprivation, and they may have trouble finding time t(...)

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Pulse wave cryolipolysis for mother’s body sculpting

Every mother’s body undergoes an incredible transformation during pregnancy. Therefore, even if you can restore your original body weight after giving birth, your skin may not restore its elasticity,(...)

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May is the Moms' month!

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and exceptional. So, with the Mother's Day approaching, you should consider giving your mom a nice yet practical gift. In addition to chocolates, flowers and cosmet(...)

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Painless and permanent hair removal

Spring tells us that the summer is coming, the weather gets warmer and more sunny, people get rid of winter jackets or elegant fur coats, replacing them with thin cardigans, and turning to dresses, sk(...)

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Beautiful, sensuous lips - so simple!

Hyaluronic acid lip contouring and augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures, not only among ladies but also with men. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a perfect so(...)

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Hooded eyes are now a thing of the past!

Hooded eyes may be a facial feature from birth, or may develop later, as a result of loss of skin firmness in that area, as a natural sign of aging. The volume of collagen and elastin in the human bod(...)

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4 ways to flourish in spring

Spring is a good season for small changes, not just in interior arrangement but also in your own appearance. Everything wakes up in spring for a new life, so just like the blooming flowers, you should(...)

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Vampire Facial - a remedy for hair loss

Excessive hair loss is a problem experienced by men, but also by women. Hair loss leads to low self-confidence and self-esteem. The problem can be managed in several ways, such as vitamin supplementat(...)

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Aesthetic medicine to help with excessive sweating

Sweating is a natural process in the human body, which controls the body temperature, i.e. prevents overheating or heat stroke; yet in some cases, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can hinder normal(...)

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No Pain Laser Treatment - read about our Superior Comfort TRIO!

eCO2 Fractional Laser is among the most effective skin rejuvenation and regeneration treatments that will reduce wrinkles, reshape scars from acne, burns or surgery, treat keloids, remove dermal lesio(...)

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Take care about the appearance of your vaginal area - labia contouring

Aesthetic gynecology procedures are no longer perceived as taboo; on the contrary, they are gaining popularity among women interested in more comfort in their daily lives, enhancing their sexual exper(...)

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Femininity Under Control
Femininity Under Control

We associate March not just with the approaching spring, but mainly with the International Women’s Day, which we celebrate on March 8 as a great opportunity to show gratitude and respect to all women,(...)

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