Welcome the New Year with a shapely figure

Are you not fully satisfied with the results that you have achieved by losing weight because your skin is not as supple as it used to be? If this is the case, even increased physical activity and eati(...)

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We change dietary habits with aid from psychodieticians

Do you struggle with an extra weight and cannot lose it although your diet is restrictive and you exercise regularly? An answer to your problem can come from the relatively new branch of medicine, psy(...)

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You can feel safe with us

At the time of the global Covid-19 pandemic the main objective of each experienced and qualified physician is to care for health and safety, but also comfort, of the patient. Clients of the aesthetic(...)

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Say YES to aesthetic gynecology!

Aesthetic (cosmetic) gynecology is a relatively new branch of aesthetic medicine, through which rejuvenation and surgical treatment of genitals is no longer a taboo. Issues such as flaccidity of the l(...)

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Hyaluronic acid for beautiful lips

Well shaped and full lips are an attribute of feminine beauty. Obviously, the dream lips can be “made” by applying makeup but, sometimes, the result may not look very natural and it is alw(...)

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Autumn is an ideal time to regenerate your skin after summer

Autumn is an ideal time of the year for taking a professional skin care treatment. In summer your skin was often exposed to sunlight, so it needs nourishment and deep regeneration. Autumn is a good se(...)

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Sunlight blocking to the rescue of our skin

Although suntan is associated with youth and health, the source of it can be really harmful. We “owe” it to a short-lived increase in the quantity of melanin contained in the skin a result(...)

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The “valley of tears” adds years. How to get rid of this blemish?

The eyes add a critical contribution to the visual effect of the aging of skin because it is here where the loss of subcutaneous tissues and the limping of skin advance fastest. Exactly these processe(...)

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Blefaroplastics, eye plastic surgery

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid plastic surgery procedure involving the removal of excess skin from the lower and/or upper eyelid, as well as restoring proper tension to individual fascial structures. Dro(...)

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GENESIS technology in the fight against the signs of ageing

As the years go by, the amount of collagen produced in our body is decreasing, which is responsible for the elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin. The reduction of collagen causes the appear(...)

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Get to know us better

Our clinic is a unique place where we care for the patients’ body in close connection with their psyche. This is possible thanks to the unique combination of adult psychiatry studies at the Medical Ac(...)

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The Botox you’ve never known about - not just for reducing wrinkles, but also for softening elastic creases on the neck, occurring in fit people, or... for a migraine treatment!

The application of Botulin toxin, commonly known as Botox, is among the most popular aesthetic medicine procedure, very frequently chosen by Dr Parda Clinic patients. Botox is most famous for its use(...)

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The latest trend — the Texas Jawline

Among the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, we can now observe the prominent jawline, usually in world famous movie actresses. A perfect jawline is now a part of contemporary woman’s beauty canon,(...)

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RF INFINI - An ideal treatment for cleavage wrinkles to keep your neck beautiful

Women pay a lot of attention to the daily cleaning of, and caring for, their facial skin but many forget that the look of the neck or cleavage can tell their age at a glance. The skin is fragile and t(...)

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Prevention is better than treatment - Botox will make wrinkles on your face appear much later

Every day, whenever you are smiling or frowning in surprise or in a stressful situation, the muscle contracting process covers all your face muscles responsible for the development of wrinkles, which(...)

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How strong stress on hair graying, scientific rationale.
Does intense stress make you go gray? New scientific evidence!

We often say that we get gray hair because of our nerves. When Marie Antoinette was captured during the French Revolution, her hair became white overnight. In more recent times, John McCain became gra(...)

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Men and aesthetic medicine
Manly or not? Men in a clinic

Contrary to the common, unfair opinion that a visit to the aesthetic medicine clinic is unmanly and reserved only for ladies, more and more men are using aesthetic medicine treatments - every 8th pati(...)

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Concern for the safety of patients in the difficult times of the pandemic
See how we care about our patients’ safety during the pandemic

As of May 4, we have reopened our Clinic for patients. Before that, we were working online only, but in the meantime we were preparing our personnel and premises for the new rules imposed by the epide(...)

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New standards for the safety of patients of the Dr Parda clinic
We are introducing some new procedures because we care a lot about our patients

Due to the epidemic hazard caused by propagation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Poland, we have made certain changes to our patient admission rules and the work organization at our Clinic. Doctors and pat(...)

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Recklessness for beauty does not pay off

After the lockdown, when we come back to aesthetic medicine clinics, desperately longing for beauty treatments, we should keep in mind extremely important aspects of choosing the right place and a com(...)

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