See how we care about our patients’ safety during the pandemic

As of May 4, we have reopened our Clinic for patients. Before that, we were working online only, but in the meantime we were preparing our personnel and premises for the new rules imposed by the epide(...)

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We are introducing some new procedures because we care a lot about our patients

Due to the epidemic hazard caused by propagation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Poland, we have made certain changes to our patient admission rules and the work organization at our Clinic. Doctors and pat(...)

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After the lockdown, when we come back to aesthetic medicine clinics, desperately longing for beauty treatments, we should keep in mind extremely important aspects of choosing the right place and a com(...)

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Why is microneedling beneficial to the skin?

The phenomenon of microneedling dates back to 1995, when the first articles on the beneficial effects of such treatments on deep scars and wrinkles were published. 2002 was the year of incorporating t(...)

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Hamster cheeks look sweet but … only on actual hamsters

The loss of the natural oval of one’s face is one of the major problems associated with the aging. As of an age of approximately 40, changes in facial skin density start to become noticeable at the fi(...)

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A scarf on the neck as a single remedy?

It is often not the face skin that gives away the age. It is the neck area that develops wrinkles first. The symptoms of ageing of the neck skin start to appear as early as in the age of 30. This is b(...)

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The lividity under the eyes since childhood

The lividity under the eyes is a frequent consequence of a sleepless night or of tiredness. Sometimes it can be a symptom of illness. However, it happens that the dark rings have been a part of someon(...)

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Men in aesthetic medicine clinic

Aesthetic medicine love men and men love aesthetic medicine. We are glad, observing more and more men using aesthetic medicine procedure – every fifth patient in our Clinic is a man.

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Laser therapy in scar treatment
Laser therapy in scar treatment

Scarring is a permanent skin defect occurring as a consequence of tissue damage. Some scars disappear quickly, while others stay for good. When they appear in visible parts of the body, particularly s(...)

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What age is right to start aesthetic medicine procedures?

Our patients often ask, when to start aesthetic medicine procedures, which offers more and more novelties and innovations.

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What can we expect in the year 2020? Aesthetic medicine trends.

In the year 2020 less means more. We still observe fashion for naturalness and low-invasive procedures, which aim at look improvement. We should look healthy and fresh.

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Plasmage - a way to deal with hooded eyes without a scalpel

Hooded eyes are a natural effect of aging processes. Some people experience this problem sooner, others later, which is mainly correlated with their individual predispositions and the skin care used a(...)

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How to get rid of post-acne scars?

Acne, affecting a huge population of young people, can become a source of complexes, uncertainty in social life or low self-assessment. Many of those who have successfully passed their acne treatments(...)

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Aesthetic procedures after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique time for every woman, yet after having the baby, many women tend to notice certain changes in their bodies which make them feel less attractive. Fortunately, many aesthetic probl(...)

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How to deal with hair loss?

Hair is an attractive feature for women and men alike. It makes you feel more self-confident and gives your face the right exposure. Unfortunately, there are more and more patients suffering from hair(...)

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Burn scars – how to eliminate them effectively?

Our skin is very susceptible to burns and even a split second of exposure to heat can be enough to damage the tissues irreversibly. In many cases the burn leaves a bad looking scar. In this case it is(...)

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How to eliminate under-eye circles?

Under-eye circles are considered one of the most prominent symptoms of exhaustion and undersleep. However, they can occur not only in those who do not sleep sufficiently long. The circles are often ca(...)

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What is the fractional laser?
What is the fractional laser?

The fractional laser is a device outstanding in terms of its unusual properties and versatility of application. It is one of the most advanced cures for wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The therapy(...)

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Nursing mother in aesthetic medicine clinic

Motherhood is special time in every woman’s life, which has its light and shadows. Body after pregnancy not always looks like we want to, this is why it repeatedly causes frustrations.

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Right attitude to men skin

One can think that aesthetic medicine is feminised field, but in our Clinic we take care of both women and men.

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