Skin resurfacing & remodeling with eCO2 laser

Does your skin seem dry after the summer? Or perhaps has it lost its firmness and elasticity? Have you noticed freckles or even unsightly spots? If so, this means that your skin undergoes photoaging p(...)

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What does our body need in the autumn?

The period of autumn and winter is considered one of the best times to perform aesthetic medicine procedures aimed at regenerating and hydrating the skin after the intense summer months. It is also th(...)

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Regenerative and lightening treatments for hyperpigmentation

Facial hyperpigmentation is a problem for many women – it appears after the age of thirty and even earlier in the form of freckles or sunspots. Most hyperpigmentation is due to improper skin care and(...)

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Refresh your skin and get rid of complexes!
Refresh your skin and get rid of complexes!

Is your skin noticeably dry? Has it lost its radiance and healthy tone? Can you notice any discoloration or fine wrinkles? If you answered yes to all these questions, you need to visit Dr. Parda Aesth(...)

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Skin photo-rejuvenation with the Genesis laser

Are you getting ready for a special occasion and want your skin to look rejuvenated straight away? If so, Dr. Parda is sure to recommend a treatment using Genesis technology to give you an instant pho(...)

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Plan your metamorphosis with Dr Parda

Do you want to invest in your well-being and increase your self-confidence to achieve success? Do you want to feel special? If so, we encourage you to visit the Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic tha(...)

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Take care of your hands and lips!

Proper hydration is the key to maintaining a youthful look – smooth skin, full and shapely lips, and well-kept hands. Proper sun prevention, home care, as well as professional in-office treatments wil(...)

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How to regenerate your skin after sunbathing?

After sunbathing, the skin can become dry and flabby. Excessive sunbathing can also lead to burns that affect the overall condition of the skin. If, after the holiday season, you want to improve the d(...)

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A "Vampire facelift" or SOS after a sunburn!

Sunny vacations mean a beautiful tan – even and intense, which enhances our beauty. However, our skin does not always react so positively to the sun, especially if you've been out for too long without(...)

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Skinboosters - revitalization after sunbathing

Skin boosters, also known as dermal fillers, are increasingly popular at Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. They are micro-injections with a safe composition derived from the best quality substances(...)

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Endless summer – keep the summer going for longer!

Are you enjoying the summer, high temperatures and pleasant sunshine hitting your skin? The team of Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic know how to keep the summer for longer! Several simple and minim(...)

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A solution for the perfect hydration of your skin

A lack of adequate skin hydration can lead to the increase of the visibility of wrinkles or furrows, as well as to a volume loss and visible skin sagging. One of the basic and, at the same time, most(...)

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How to enhance the natural beauty of the face?

Appropriately accentuated cheekbones and the jaw can enhance the natural beauty of the face, giving it clear contours that significantly slim it and give it a harmonious shape. Do you look at your ref(...)

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How to take care of sensitive areas such as the eyes or mouth?

Sensitive areas of the body, where your skin is much thinner, are often more exposed to harmful external factors and to damaging effects of age. That’s why shadows under the eyes, where the volu(...)

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Genesis laser for male skin/lip imperfections!

Facial flaccidity, wrinkles, or even lip discoloration caused by dryness - all these dermatological conditions can be completely eliminated or at least reduced with the all-year Genesis laser treatmen(...)

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Get rid of your male self-esteem issues

Balding can be a source of serious issues, particularly among young males with genetic background. First there is a serious hair loss, thinning, and a receding hairline, with the receding process beco(...)

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Male body under scrutiny - what is HOT, what is NOT!

Many men dream of a slim, sporty figure. However, diet and exercise would not always give satisfactory results; this is where aesthetic medicine and Dr Parda come to rescue! Body sculpting procedures(...)

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How to keep the youth pyramid longer?

The jawline, particularly in men, can be perceived as the foundation of the whole face, on the basis of which we assess a person’s age at first sight. The so-called youth triangle is typical of(...)

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TOP procedures for men

Nowadays, aesthetic medicine procedures are not only targeted at women, but also men, who tend to be more and more interested about their appearance and well-being. There are a lot of treatments avail(...)

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How to make your belly look better after pregnancy?

Every mom experiences the process of skin stretching around the abdomen during pregnancy. It is extremely important to provide proper hydration during that period, to reduce the probability of stretch(...)

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