When beauty meets technology - Beautydoc Academy ultrasound courses in aesthetic medicine

Targeted prevention and treatment of vascular complications is the overarching goal of the ultrasound course in aesthetic medicine, the program of which was developed by Dr. Barbara Parda and Dr. Rosa(...)

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It’s high time to say goodbye to spring!

Spring is coming to an end. Less than a month is only left before the commencement of astronomical summer. This is the best time to prepare to hot temperatures. While on a long awaited holiday, you re(...)

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Firmer body skin — combined tightening protocols

Our skin loses its firmness gradually with time, becoming thinner, dry and flaccid, and wrinkles begin to develop. Are you wondering what to do to regain youth and enjoy the youthful feeling longer? D(...)

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Boiling frog syndrome, or how your mind responds to the environment

The boiling frog phenomenon was first presented by Olivier Clark, a writer and philosopher who used this metaphor to demonstrate that a human being put in certain conditions, even if they are uncomfor(...)

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Complications after treatment, including vascular problems, and the role of ultrasound scans in prevention and treatment of complications

Ultrasound tests have been popular for years in many fields of medicine; recently, they have become the golden rule for aesthetic medicine. At the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Dr Parda extends every app(...)

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"Body fondness"

Each of us wants to look attractive for as long as possible, despite the current canons of beauty. The pursuit of ideal looks is possible thanks to modern treatments of aesthetic medicine, which more(...)

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LASER removal of unwanted hair, including light hair not removable so far!

Dreaming of perfect skin before national May holiday? Don't you want to worry about epilating your legs on your May Day trip? Do you want to enjoy freedom and quickly and effectively get rid of hair f(...)

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Vascular laser (VLASER): close dilated capillaries and get ready for airy dresses!

Dilated blood vessels on the lower limbs usually take the form of thin red or blue threads forming a network, which is why they are commonly called "spider veins". Their occurrence depends on many rea(...)

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"Vampire Lift" - An anti-aging remedy and an effective cure for hair loss

Do you want to give your skin a radiant glow? Or maybe you want to get rid of wrinkles and slow down the aging process? If so, Dr. Parda recommends a procedure known as "vampire lift" that involves in(...)

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Beauty in bloom

Spring is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself again! Nature slowly starts waking up and delighting us with its vivid colors, which gives us a boost of vitality. This should be an impulse(...)

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Beautiful legs without spider veins

For many women legs are one of their greatest assets. Unfortunately, they may show a number of problems, mostly associated with chronic venous insufficiency, i.e., visible spider veins, dilatation of(...)

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Fractional thermolift = microneedle radiofrequency – to make your skin glow!

Is your skin excessively dry after the winter? Does it lack a young and radiant look, but instead is pale and dull, adding you years? To regain its full glow, go to the Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Cl(...)

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Resurfacing to forget about sagging skin on your face!

The loss of skin firmness and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin are the signs of time passing by, which can effectively spoil not only our mood, but also self-confidence. However, these are unavo(...)

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Accept yourself!

Taking care of physical appearance is extremely important when it comes to #self-care because our look affects our sense of self-esteem and overall well-being. However, in addition to appearance, ment(...)

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Stop time!

I guess each of us experience a moment in our lives when we would like to stop and last.... and although it is not possible, as life is constantly rushing forward, thanks to aesthetic medicine treatme(...)

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Caring for femininity – aesthetic gynecology

Women are increasingly focusing on #self-care, which not only means setting aside a few minutes a day for proper rest, but also taking conscious care of their body and mind. Intimate parts are no long(...)

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#self-care – love yourself!

#self-care is a rather innovative yet extremely important term that puts YOU first – not your partner, children or other people close to you, but yourself! Remember that if you feel loved, rested and(...)

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Multidirectional action of MICRO & NANOFAT means facial rejuvenation with your own fat, rich in stem cells!

Time passes inexorably, and the aging process affects each of us without exception. With age, the skin loses firmness, has more wrinkles and imperfections as well as different fatty tissue distributio(...)

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Get healthy and glowing skin by getting rid of spider veins and erythema

Sooner or later each skin type will need regeneration due to the visible effects of aging processes, improper care or even adverse weather conditions. Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers a comp(...)

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The scalpel can still wait...

In recent years, lifting threads have become a real hit, as thanks to them, it is possible to restore the skin's youthful appearance without the use of a scalpel. As the years go by, our skin undergoe(...)

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