May 27, 2023 in Warsaw Dr. Barbara Parda, Dr. Rosa Sigirist and Prof. Wioletta Barańska-Rybak invite you to a unique seminar "Complications in aesthetic medicine in the ultrasound image". Dr. Natallia Romanowska _Lip MASTER and attorney Urszula Mierzejewska will be a special guest. The number of places is limited. More details soon.
Facial ultrasound course in aesthetic medicine
During the course, we offer practical training under the supervision of our expert Dr. Barbara Parda. One-day training starts from 10.10. Feel free to contact us at-517-535-878
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You are in good hands
At dr Parda Clinic, we offer you a wide range od treatments from classic wrinkle prevention through various biostimulating procedures from the skin of the face and body, as well as volumentic and lifting procedures. We heal not only the body but also the soul.
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No pain, comfort, short time, long-lasting effects.
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Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

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Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska, the founder and owner of the Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic
Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Our Clinic is unique place, where patients are treated with the newest achievements of aesthetic medicine. We take care of safety and satisfaction of our patients by offering the highest world-class level procedures.

Dr Barbara Parda-Głomska

We want our patients to feel uniquely, this is why we carefully listen their needs and expectations.
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