Are aesthetic medicine procedures safe?

Yes, they are, if proceeded by qualified doctor in professional, sterile surgery with using certified devices and medically tested preparation from legal source. Before each procedure, the doctor interviews patient and then decides whether procedure can be done, depending on patient health state, indications and counterindications.

Who is recipient of aesthetic medicine? In which age, procedures should be done?

If, being 30 years old, in the next 30 we want to look well, have trim skin and body - time is now. Skin starts ageing from 25th year, so the sooner the better we can do more to cramp adverse processes connected with time flying, this way affect its look in the future. More and more popular regenerating and biostimulating procedures become, dedicated to 30 years old persons, which stimulate new collagen production in skin, improve its thickening, blood supply and moisturizing. If we take care about younger skin, in mature age it will not be so slack and little resilient.

Are there bruises and wounds after procedures left and patient must stay at home for a month?

Some procedures impress but these are redness, light swelling or small bruises, but they usually disappear during a few days after and are easy to camouflage with make-up. Each skin reacts different way, so the safest solution is to have first procedure of relevant type on Friday to regenerate skin on weekend. Additionally, we also offer array of homecare cosmetics individually selected for each patient, which accelerate regeneration process. Additionally, skin healing e.g. after lasers, is accelerated by platelet rich plasma or LED lamp exposing.

Is aesthetic medicine for men?

OF COURSE!!! We have in our offer the array of procedures for men. We choose them depending on skin type, therapeutical problem, indications and counterindications. This is a myth that visit in aesthetic medicine clinic is unmanly. Well-grooming is your showcase and long-term investment. Procedure appreciated by men are, among others, non-invasive and painless wrinkles treatment with GENESIS laser technology; furrows filling with calcium hydroxyapatite; alopecia treatment with platelet rich plasma or nanofat lipofilling newest technology; cryolipolysis of chin and belly plica; gynecomastia; bruxism, lock-jaw and pits hyperhidrosis treatment with botox; face oval lift with HIFU; laser closing of vessels on face and lower limbs and erythema treatment.

Are aesthetic medicine procedures painful?

Up-to-date methods used in aesthetic medicine aim at ensuring patients the highest comfort and minimise pain feeling. By definition they are low-invasive, by contrast to plastic surgery. Such procedures as micro-puncture, threads implementation and some laser procedures will be sensible and this is why we use anaesthesia, usually in cream. Each person has her individual pain threshold, during interview the doctor is interesting also with this aspect and during procedure, he observes and talks to patient, takes care, to minimise possible inconvenience. Patient has also possibility of taking pain killer pills.

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