A milestone in Facial Ultrasound training at the Dr Parda Clinic

Dr. Rosa Sigirist and the Dr. Parda Clinic Team have just completed the second edition of the proprietary training in the field of mapping facial anatomical structures using mobile ultrasound with a frequency of 12-15-20 to MHZ with Doppler.

It was the first training where the basic program, known from the first edition, was accompanied by an advanced program for specialists who wanted to further improve the previously acquired skills of using ultrasound in the practice of an aesthetic medicine doctor.

Training was an opportunity to see how this tool is necessary for the targeted treatment of vascular complications in everyday work with the patient. During the course Dr. Parda and the Sao Paulo "cosmetic" ultrasound expert - Dr. Rosa Sigrist, shared their experiences in aesthetic medicine treatments under ultrasound guidance, and then invited doctors participating in the course to practical skills training on themselves and on phantoms during the basic edition and at work with patient vessel mapping during advanced editing.

The tremendous success of the FACIAL ULTRASOUND courses translates not only into their subsequent editions but also into the constant development of the program.

Soon we will announce more available dates and inform about an international surprise prepared by the Dr Parda Clinic.