After the lockdown, when we come back to aesthetic medicine clinics, desperately longing for beauty treatments, we should keep in mind extremely important aspects of choosing the right place and a competent doctor. When deciding on the aesthetic medicine procedure, don‘t make a mistake and don‘t recklessly rely solely on the low price or atmospheric interior design of the clinic. The most significant criteria that we should take into account are, first of all, the qualifications of the person performing the procedure, the quality of preparations and equipment and both sanitary and security condition of the place we’re about to choose. Additionally, the aesthetic look of the doctor is also highly valued in this particular field of medicine.

There are more and more places on the market where aesthetic medicine can be performed, which also proves that Poles have an increased need to take care of their healthy appearance and, consequently, improved well-being. Unfortunately, more and more people that don't have proper qualifications attempt to perform such procedures. Contrary to popular belief, most beauticians belong to that infamous group. Many such treatments are performed in the so-called grey zone. It is hard to believe, but women often recklessly put their face, health and even life at risk...

Aesthetic medicine treatments are MEDICAL PROCEDURES and have to be necessarily performed in a doctor's office, and some of them exclusively in a surgery. After all, they involve the damage to the integrity of tissues. Procedures such as introducing implants into the body, implanting lifting threads or relaxing muscles with botulinum toxin are not beauty treatments, superficially acting only on the epidermis. A professional doctor knows the anatomy, physiology and metabolism of tissues, is able to predict the short and long term effects of the procedures, knows the risks associated with side effects and, most importantly, is able to minimize them, and if necessary, treat them effectively.

The type and quality of products and equipment used for treatments is also of great significance. Quality products and equipment are expensive, which largely translates into the price of treatment. Most of the products that we use are pharmaceuticals (which are the result of years of research, also medical tests), and in the eyes of the law a medicine can only be prescribed and applied by a qualified doctor. In order to buy, for instance, a formula product for injections, a doctor must present a document confirming that he or she is a certified practitioner. The use of such products by unauthorized persons poses a threat to the patient's health and life and is punishable.

In the event of complications, the only person who will be up to the task and promptly help the patient is a doctor because of the appropriate level of knowledge. In case of a sudden allergic reaction (not to mention anaphylactic shock) or an acute infection, there may be irreversible changes to the physical appearance. A doctor also holds professional liability and third party liability insurance, which can provide coverage for damages if a complication occurs. You can only claim your rights against a beautician in court as a natural person.

It never hurts to ask the person you want to go to for the treatment for experience, documented training, certificates (real, not bought), ask for "before and after" patient photos to evaluate the results. It is also advisable to check the recommendations of people who have already visited that clinic. A competent and responsible doctor, who has nothing to hide, will answer all the questions, pay attention to all the limitations and select treatments according to individual needs and predispositions of patients. He can also say "no", convince the patient that more does not mean better and healthier and in extreme cases of extremely stubborn people - refuse to perform the procedure.


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