Vampire Facial - the new dimension of anti-age treatments

Every mum dreams of looking young with her children. Especially during the first months of a baby’s life, new mums may feel tired because of sleep deprivation, and they may have trouble finding time to take proper care about themselves. At Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, we offer a new dimension of anti-aging, the so-called ‘Vampire Facial’, which became very popular with the social media buzz created by movie stars and influencers. The Vampire Facial procedure is in fact PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) mesotherapy; it is therefore a regenerative medical treatment and not a surgery or aesthetic procedure. At Dr Parda Clinic, Vampire Facials are done by well qualified doctors, who will help mums at all ages get a visually younger skin by offering added elasticity and firmness.

What is the Vampire Facial anti-aging procedure?
At the beginning of the procedure, some blood is taken from the patient, which is then processed in a specialist medical centrifuge for easy extraction of platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the blood, rich in growth factors and individual stem cells. The processed gel/liquid is injected with a thin needle to all spots on the skin that require regeneration and revitalization. The procedure is completely safe for the patient because the preparation derived from the patient’s own blood is biologically neutral, without any risk of side effects or allergic reactions.

Who can receive the treatment?
· Patients with wrinkles on their cheeks,
· Patients with wrinkles on their forehead,
· Patients with wrinkles on their neck and neckline,
· Patients with wrinkles around the eyes,
· Patients interested in an alternative for neuromodulators,
· Patients with a hair loss issue.

What are the guaranteed effects of the Vampire Facial?
Vampire Facial” will strongly revitalize the skin, improving its tone and texture. The skin gets more elasticity and firmness, so that wrinkles, fine lines and creases are greatly smoothed out. Moreover, patients who experience hair loss will certainly notice that the process slows down or stops entirely after the treatment. In addition, wounds and any kinds of imperfections will heal sooner as a result.

Who should not be encouraged to take the procedure?
· Pregnant women, 
· Breastfeeding women,
· Patients with liver conditions, 
· Patients with blood diseases, 
· Cancer patients.

Why is PRP used?
The “Vampire Facial” is a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) mesotherapy, extremely popular in anti-aging therapy, with PRP not only improving blood circulation in tissues but also increasing new collagen production. The effects of the Vampire Facial will be visible after about 7 days, and the final result will be noticed after several series of injections, depending on the patient’s original skin condition and biological age.


The price list
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Price from
Price to
CGF HARMONY SET - face/neck/cleavage
1700 pln
CGF HARMONY SET - face/neck/hands
1700 pln
CGF LIQUID SET / e.g. hair
750 pln
CGF ONE SET/1 area, e.g. face
900 pln
900 pln

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