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"Queen Nefertiti neck" treatment

Over time, unfavorable changes are visible not only on our face. One of the areas that cause us many problems is the neck, which over the years loses its subcutaneous tissue, which makes it more and more flaccid. Additionally, there is an increased tension of the broad neck muscle, which makes its vertical bands more and more visible, creating an unsightly effect. The most common problem are two large bands of muscle that run from the jawline to the collarbone.

Thanks to botulinum toxin, we can restore the neck to its former appearance and eliminate visible muscle bands, which are especially noticeable when swallowing food, drinking and when tightening the neck. During the procedure, we apply the toxin directly to several places, in each visible band of the broad neck muscle. As a result, about 2 weeks after the procedure, the muscle relaxes, which becomes less visible, and thanks to this, the neck is again smooth and looks younger.

The treatment can be supplemented with the so-called "Nefertiti lift", during which botoks is injected at the site of the broad neck muscle attachment to the mandibular line. Thanks to this, we reduce the tension of the muscle, which ceases to pull the face oval down, deepening the hamster effect we do not like. As a result we harmonize the appearance of the neck, jawline and lower cheeks. This treatment can also be combined with other therapies for the jaw line, such as the currently fashionable "Texas facelift".

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