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We will call you back and provide consultations regarding the procedure Adults psychiatry (without NFZ reimbursement)
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Adults psychiatry (without NFZ reimbursement)

In our Clinic, we treat not only body problems but also these which are hidden deeper. We believe that healthy mind and soul have impact on beauty and healthy body, this is why we offer help patients, suffering from depression, anxiety neurosis and body dysmorphic disorder. We also consult patients before making the decision on plastic surgery.

Decision on our look improvement we make mainly influenced by self-perception. Procedures also impact patient’s psyche. They change self-assessment, raise self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s worth to remember, that they don’t eliminate all problems and don’t change individual live attitude.

Satisfaction of look is subjective perception and individual interpretation. In many cases, the picture is not adequate to real status. This is caused by different factors, which play the biggest role in childhood and mature period. External stimuluses, which hit us in these times, build our attitude to body. Disorders of own look perception, are often the result of more serious diseases. Such persons should be first of all diagnosed with the source of problem and then do aesthetic procedure.

Thanks to combining these two specialties, aesthetic medicine and psychiatry, there is possible to providing holistic care of patients. Beauty largely comes from the balance between psyche and body, this is why we offer support for people, who are touched with different problems, connected with mind and emotions.  

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