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Cryolipolysis, Shockwave and Injection lipolysis

ZLIPO SYSTEM - revolution protocol

ZLIPO cryolipolysis joined with ZWAVEPRO shock wave is innovative technology, the first of this type. It effects with 44% higher results than traditional cryolipolysis, half shortened time of slimming and first of all lack of discomfort. Many clinical trials, reports, comments and measurements of several dozen patients, confirm high comfort and safety, both during and after the procedure.

Fat tissue, deposited on belly, sides, back, knees, is unusually hard to reduce. ZLIPO device allows in completely noninvasive way, reduce local adiposis and perfectly works out in the above mentioned locations. After cryolipolysis procedure, patient can start the series of 6-8 ZWAVEPRO shockwave procedures, 2-3 a week. Shock wave aims at destroying links between fat cells, what helps in their removal from organism. This procedure, in the same time, improves skin cells metabolism, stimulates collagen production, which influences skin flexibility, so necessary in body modelling during loosing fat tissue.

ZSono SonidoSmart USG device precisely shows the thickness  of fat tissue. Thanks to this technology we qualify patients to the procedure, precisely describe the procedure of subcutis fat and we visualize the results.



Aqualyx is a solution based on micro-particles of gelatin releasing active ingredients in a controlled way. Once it has been injected in adipose tissue using an intra-lipotherapeutic technique, it promotes water absorption by tissues. Then, on application of ultrasounds to the skin surface, the injected tissue gets affected by the process of micro-cavitation, which stimulates drainage of body fluids from the exposed tissue.

The main indications include local fat deposition on inner thighs, knees, trochanters, buttocks, belly, hips or upper limbs, as well as gynecomastia, double chin, adipose sacs in lower eyelids, xanthelasma or lipoma.

Aqualyx is not a substitute for liposuction! This is a much more benign treatment: non-surgical, less traumatic and having no effect on the daily life of the patient. Note that Aqualyx is not a weight-loss preparation!



The prostrolane Inner-B lipolysis is an innovative, effective and safe, method for eradication of local depositions of adipose tissue. The preparation contracts fat droplets in adipose cells contained in tissues in chin, belly, buttocks, arms and back of thighs.

Prostrolane Inner-B contains sodium hyaluronate and a complex of 4 peptides. Sodium hyaluronate delivers these peptides to the skin and moisturizes and protects it. The peptides strengthen this moisturizing effect, improve skin appearance and inhibit sodium hyaluronate depletion. The treatment is recommended for alleviating skin surface irregularities, particularly those susceptible to cellulite.



RRS HA Cellutrix is a very effective preparation for cellulite control. This expertly composed cocktail contains 8 antioxidants, 2 lipolytics, 7 flavonoids, 8 micro-elements, 3 vitamins, 8 saponins, 3 tripeptides, amino acids and polyphenols. Its reach composition reduces cellulite, firms up skin acts locally on adipose tissue. Its effectiveness as a medical product has been scientifically proven. In cases of very advanced cellulite we use the preparation in a unique combination with hyaluronidase. The treatment should be applied in a series of sessions.

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