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Vascular laser

The VASCULAR LASER is the state-of-the-art therapeutic platform from WON-TECH. It is an all-in solution for reduction of vascular and pigmentary lesions and for skin rejuvenation. It is effective in treating erythema and red and blue vessels on the face and lower limbs. It features the latest GENESIS method for non-ablational tensioning of lax skin. The treatment can be delivered at any time, without any convalescence. It is most popular among male patients and among celebrities.

The VASCULAR LASER is a versatile apparatus. Impulses of 532 nm and 1064 nm light of varying impulse width are effective in the treatment of skin, so the device can be used for closing vessels, for treating varicose veins and for closing spider veins, among others. The laser-induced buildup of heat in skin chromophores irreversibly destroys target cells without damaging surrounding tissues. The higher absorption rate and lower penetration depth (in epidermis) both in hemoglobin and in melanin makes it possible to apply the system in vascular and pigmentary epidermal lesions, such as acne erythematosa, flat angiomata or lentigomelanosis. On the other hand, the lower absorption rate and higher penetration depth (in dermis) enables the treatment of vascular and pigmentary dermal lesions.

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