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Aesthetic dermatology does not treat skin diseases. It is separate are, which concentrates on improvement and maintenance of right look of healthy people. Big pressure is applied to proper prophylaxis, aiming at keeping young and healthy look of skin and ensuring protection against ageing. Procedures allow to regenerate and revitalize skin.

According  to aesthetic dermatology postulates, each person should regularly visit specialist, even if he or she doesn’t observe any skin changes. Ourselves, we are not able to see it with the unaided eye and early noticed allow to better treatment. Aesthetic dermatologist can indicate risk factors, which cause skin changes and fix proper care and protection. Besides, he orders procedures, which help in skin revitalization.

Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers dermatology consultancies both for women and men, because skin of both genders is affected with negative factors in the same way. There is wide range of procedures in our Clinic, low-invasive during lunch-break and more complicated with proper preparation and recuperation. Each one is followed by medical interview, which allows to determine patient’s health state and select right procedure to his needs. In this way, we increase safety and minimize risk of complication.

Aesthetic dermatology not only contributes to look improvement. It often allows to detect serious skin changes early enough. In our Clinic, we handle mark tests and skin biopsy, which helps to diagnose, if patient’s skin changes are only cosmetic defect or symptom of serious disease.