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Anxiety neurosis

Anxiety neurosis is chronic disease, which appears through, first of all, continuous fear of different situations or things. Life with anxiety neurosis is extremely difficult, because such persons never can relax and still feel  pressure, even in safe and comfortable situations. In some cases, fear is so strong, it unables normal functioning. Anxiety neurosis can also cause somatic symptoms, such as dizziness, flutter, hyperhidrosis, belly and limbs pain, insomnia and many others. In case of anxiety neurosis, patient needs psychotherapy, during which he learns how to think positively and control his fear. In some cases medicines are necessary, especially when fear and emotional stress, don’t allow to live normally.


Persons, who recognize anxiety neurosis symptoms, are welcome to our Clinic near Piaseczno, in charming corner of Zalesie Górne. Quiet and peaceful surroundings will conduce to recovery. During visit, the doctor will make consultation, which will show, if patient is affected with anxiety neurosis or other form of disease, e.g. depression neurosis. She will also offer the therapy customized to individual problem, which will learn to deal with symptoms and help come back to full stability.

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