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Cellulit treatment

The ZLipo System procedure is the only cryolipolyptic treatment that takes as many as three steps for maximum effectiveness, safety and comfort. The ZWavePro step relying on the application of sonic waves helps to get rid of not only excess body fat but also persistent cellulite

The tendency to develop cellulite often has a genetic background, so healthy diet and exercises alone may be ineffective. The affliction is caused by wrong distribution of adipose tissue as a result of hormonal disorders leading to an excessive buildup of estrogen. Contrary to the popular belief, the problem does not affect only people with overweight, though this condition can make a significant contribution. Also many lean people have the “orange skin”. Then, a treatment able to eradicate excess fat and model the body can turn out to be an effective solution.

The ZLipo System procedure consists of the freezing of body fat, including that contained in cellulite cells, for subsequent disintegration and removal through metabolism. The doctor lays a special anti-freeze mat on the target area of the body and applies a cooling wand to freeze adipose cells. Then, the area is exposed to sound waves for the breaking up of frozen cells and for acceleration of metabolism.

Rapid and lasting effect is the benefit of the treatment: the loss of adipose tissue is irreversible and skin gets smooth, firm and tense. An additional plus is that the elimination of body fat is uniform over the target area, so the procedure leaves no bulges or concavities on the body surface. The ultimate result shows up after 1-2 months.

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