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Skin tension

The ULVERIN high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) method can provide a very rapid skin tension improvement. The drooping of skin is a problem that affects everyone in time, as a result of aging, but can be also genetically driven and, in this case, experienced by younger people. The laxity of skin is a consequence of collagen synthesis dysfunctions. The problem has mainly aesthetic nature. It typically affects areas poor in subcutaneous tissue, such as the neck, forehead and eyelids. Fortunately, the ailment can be controlled in many ways. One of them includes the HIFU method that has been used in medicine since more than 20 years, also for the treatment of tumors. Since a few years it has been used also by the aesthetic medicine for improvement of skin firmness and tension. The result of the treatment is comparable to the surgical lifting.

The treatment does not require any special preparation. However, it has to be preceded by a consultation for the checking of the health condition of the patient and counterindications, if any. Further, the patient is informed on the procedure and his or her expectations are confronted with possible results.

The ULVERIN treatment consists of application of ultrasonic wave to a precisely defined skin area. The energy causes injuries to cells, which immediately triggers the natural process of tissue recovery, injury healing and skin compaction. A single session is enough to improve skin tension. The initial result can become visible directly after the treatment but the ultimate one will show up after 2-3 months, during which time collagen will gradually lift and firm up the skin.

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