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Lax arm and other parts skin

Lax skin on the arms, forming “pelican sacks”, can be baffling to many. Both overweight and lean patients have this natural problem associated with aging. Fortunately, there are a number of methods for recovering skin firmness sufficiently to be able to wear a sleeveless blouse. It is worth to exercise arm muscles and apply volume-building creams or balms. However, when the excess skin problem around the arms gets so serious that home remedies are no longer effective, it is recommended to consider taking a non-invasive treatment at our Clinic.

The Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr Parda offers the Microneedle radiofrequency fractional thermolifting procedure combining two techniques: 3D micro-puncturing and irradiation with radio-frequency energy. The procedure acts on three tissue layers, so the revitalization and renewal of skin is deep. The treatment does not produce any sensitization to light and can be taken at any time of the year.

The head of the application wand contains golden-plated needles that both puncture and irradiate skin. The combined effect of mechanical injuries to, and the buildup of heat in, skin induces the restructuring of collagen. This is why skin gains on thickness and firmness.

The treatment was designed for complete patient safety and for rapid healing of skin. The technique of smooth introduction of the needles makes the procedure more comfortable. Microneedle radiofrequency impulses start to act only after the insertion of the needles for avoidance of burning epidermis. Therefore, skin gets back to normal even in sensitive patients. This non-invasive arm skin lifting treatment provides lasting results, not obvious on the spot but developing in time with regeneration of collagen.

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