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Crow’s feet correction

The crow’s feet is nothing else than mimic wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes. They surface as a result of activity of the fine muscles surrounding the eyes and become most prominent when we smile. They are indistinct in young people but continue to get fixed and deeper in time. Also non-emotional factors contribute to the problem: smoking, exposure to sunlight, insufficient hydration or depletion of collagen. These wrinkles are easy to develop and hard to get rid of. An eyelid care cream or serum is helpful for the prevention but the reduction requires a well-thought-out treatment.

The surgical lifting is not the only option. Also the aesthetic medicine has a lot to say on the subject and the application of plasma is the outstanding approach representing an alternative to the laser, botox and even scalpel. The smooth skin effect shows up just after a few weeks from the treatment.

This procedure is delivered non-invasively and painlessly using the PLASMAGE system. The device acts very precisely and thoroughly, affecting only the problematic skin area.

The session takes approx. 20 minutes and skin injuries heal within 4-7 days. Most patients can see the result after the first treatment but 2-3 repetitions taken in 6 week intervals are recommended.

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