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Eradication of xanthomata, fibromata

The non-invasive PLASMAGE method enables eradication of skin lesions and imperfections. The instrument uses micro-beams of plasma that affect only epidermis, leaving deeper skin layers intact. The procedure is an ideal alternative for conventional surgical treatments.

The method consists of local generation of high temperature with the electric arc for evaporation of skin lesions. The applications include reduction of wrinkles, correction of eyelids and eradication of xanthomata, fibromata and tarsal cysts.

Plasma induced by the electric arc acts pointwise, exactly at the target spot, and this is why it is possible to get rid of a specific skin lesion without affecting the surrounding tissues. Also deeper skin layers remain intact, so there is no bleeding. The treatment can be applied safely to even most sensitive areas including those around the eye. The patient does not need to worry that the procedure will leave any visible scars or other blemishes.

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