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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma Angel PRP

Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma Angel PRP is an advanced rejuvenating procedure that stimulates the body’s own potential to regenerate tissues. The subcutaneous injection of PRP with a thin needle supplies the body with growth factors that stimulate proliferation of cells, angiogenesis and, most importantly, growth of collagen structures.

Platelets, a natural ingredient of blood, are important for the healing and regeneration of tissues. The so-called "vampire lifting" is a non-surgical injection of platelet-rich plasma (platelet concentrate) made from his or her own blood. PRP promotes natural production of new collagen and improves blood supply to tissues, which is essential in any anti-aging therapy. While ageing, skin loses elasticity and ability to hold moisture, because of depletion of hyaluronic acid and, consequently, collagen. The PRP mesotherapy improves the natural complexion, elasticity and texture of skin.

A small sample of blood (approx. 40 ml) collected from a patient is centrifuged to separate PRP from other blood cells. This unique concentrate containing growth factors is injected subcutaneously to the face, neck, neckline, palm or any other area requiring revitalization. PRP is the patient’s own tissue, so it is totally safe. The mesotherapy with Angel PRP is based on scientific knowledge and on innovative technologies of the regenerative medicine. It clinical efficacy has been recently proven by successful experience of many aesthetic medicine practitioners in Poland and worldwide.

The treatment is recommended to those whose skin requires regeneration and biostimulation. The concentrate of the patient’s own blood is biologically neutral and cannot cause any allergic reaction. The procedure is also used to inhibit alopecia, stimulate hair growth and thicken hair. It should not be applied to pregnant or breast-feeding women or patients with hematopathies or tumors.

CGF: cell growth factors and stem cells

CGF is a treatment used to regenerate skin with concentrated growth factors and stem cells. It is dedicated to patients whose skin requires revitalization, smoothening and firming up. The patient’s own blood is centrifuged to produce a concentrate of growth factors and stem cells. Then the doctor selects a therapy appropriate for the patient’s skin condition. The procedure is safe and there is no recovery period. Apart from rejuvenating skin, CGF improves its complexion and smoothens wrinkles.

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