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Discolorations and pigmentary marks treatment

Pigmentation and pigmentary lesions affect more than one half of the population. In most cases they affected skin areas are small, have no visual affect or can even add a nice peculiarity to the appearance of the person concerned. However, if such affliction is large or distinct on the background of the remaining skin, it can cause discomfort or be confounding.

Pigmentation and pigmentary lesions can occur at various skin depths, so treatment with laser is the most effective one. The beam of light penetrates skin and is absorbed by pigmentary cells. The irradiation breaks up the cells and the decomposition remains are removed from the body by the immune system. The V-LASER used by the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine of Dr Parda can handle perfectly the removal of pigmentation caused by acne erythematosa, lentigomelanosis and insolation.

The irradiated area gets darker and more distinct directly after the treatment, which effect lasts a few days. This is natural and should not be worrying. Then, epidermis exfoliates for up to 2 weeks. More than one session can be recommended, depending on the number and size of pigmentation.

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